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Games and Software

Various games and software are availble for free download:

AppMakr - A tool to design apps

Kodu - A tool to design games

Kinect Software Development Kit - Includes the Body and Mind game, which is used in a number of school districts to teach math.

Microsoft Student - Microsoft Student provides homework tools and information to reinforce in-class learning and encourage your kids' success in school. Microsoft Student makes it easy to find the right tool to produce high-quality homework-in less time.

Learning Essentials for Office - An Office add-on for students and teachers, filled with templates, tutorials and toolbars.

Microsoft Reader
- Experience electronic reading - choose from thousands of books to download.

Microsoft Producer - A free add-in, Microsoft Producer for Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 makes it easy to capture and synchronize audio, video, slides and images-creating engaging rich media presentations viewable in a browser.

Windows Movie Maker - Create home movies and learn how to create, edit, and add special effects to your home movies and then how to share them with friends and family.

Microsoft Photo Story 3 - Create slideshows using your digital photos. Add stunning special effects, soundtracks, and your own voice narration to your photo stories. Then, personalize them with titles and caption.

Microsoft DreamSpark - Professional-level developer and design tools at no charge.

AutoCollage 2008 - Create beautiful collages of your favorite pictures with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Microsoft Image Composite Editor - Create a high-resolution panorama incorporating all the source images at full resolution.

PhotoSynth - Stitch your overlapping, panoramic digital photos together automatically to create exciting 3D worlds you can browse.

Virtual Earth - See your school, playground and home town in 3D. Be sure to click on the word "3D" on the map to install the 3D viewer into your browser.

WorldWide Telescope - Fly around the universe visiting stars, planets, nebula, our sun, the Martian surface and the moon. Listen to star tours by WALL-E and the Ring Nebula given by a 6 year old boy (Look for Tour - Ring Nebula in the menus).

Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio - Program and run your own robots in a 3D virtual environment.

Microsoft Songsmith - Ever thought of writing your own music? Most people never get a chance to try... but we want to give everyone a piece of the songwriting experience, so we've developed Songsmith, an application that lets you create a complete song just by singing!

SmallBasic - Bring the "fun" back to programming. SmallBasic provides a small and easy to learn programming language in a friendly and inviting development environment.

Code Academy - This website allows students the opportunity to work throgh several tracks to be introduced to computer programming and web design.